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Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to impoverish your enemy

Assalam oalaikum

If someone has been impoverished by an enemy and as a result of this has become dependant on others financially, so such a victim can also make his enemy weak and deprived. The innocent victim should decide that which type of dependence he wants his enemy to suffer from.
Does he want his cruel enemy to starve for food?
Does he want his enemy to get drowned in debt?
Does he want his enemy to become penniless?

The amal is as follows:
Recite Surah Kausar 300 times after each namaz while focusing on your enemy. Read Durud Shareef 11 times before and after the recitation. The pray to Allah (swt) according to the attack you want to be inflicted upon the enemy. For example: in the first case pray in this way “Oh Allah! Please make my so and so enemy (mention his and his mother’s name) starve for food because of the pain that he has inflicted on me”
This amal may take some time to show results. The time depends on how strong the enemy is. As I have discussed earlier, if the enemy is very powerful the time taken will also be more. Hence the victim should persistently continue doing the amal so that he may succeed in crushing his enemy.
Warning: Do not do this amal in an unjustified way. If the amal is done in an unjust way then I am warning you before hand, that the person doing the amal may himself or herself get into serious trouble, be it rajat/ insanity, illness etc. Before you decide to do this amal please go through my other posts:

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BUNTY said...

sir i have visited on ur site but give me a special spell for my relative. Bcoz one of her neighbour muslim caste always disturbing her family and always saying to move away by selling their house to her. she is casting black magic spell on my relative and also to her children. My relative children always remain sick So pls do something for my relative sir becaue she is widow and she has two children. so pls help her. My email id is I am waiting for ur reply thanking you

BUNTY said...

I have visited on ur site and i like that u are helping the people who are in trouble. I am also one of that who helping to those people who dont know what is going trouble behind them and always telling them that if there is god there is evil also so beware of black magic.Because they are always frighten to fight with black magic so they get problems continuos suffering ill from that black magic. So pls I am requesting for special spell for one of my relative she is widow and having two children living in a flat. so one of he neighbour a muslim lady she is doing some spells on her to get her from here flat and sell to muslim lady. she always doing some black magic on my relative to sell her and go away.she has done like this to all other neibhours also of my relatives. now she is doing to my relative so pls give some special spells so that the muslim lady should sell her house and go away from that my relative building where my relative is staying. pls help my relative. i will be very thankfull to u and if this work is done i will take my relative to haji ali and make dua for u sir from my relative.So pls do urgent mail me, I am waiting for ur reply sir. my email id is

Russel said...

Can you please cast several revenge spells upon my enemies that have done me wrong? They have used me, talked about me behind my back, betrayed me, and caused me problems. I need a revenge spell seeing as though they always are blessed after they cause me problems. I NEED you.

nikesh said...


Please advice how to destroy enemy by applying muth

Is it true to giving hear attack by muth

Please advice

qazi said...

Janab Mujy b kch is trha ki bemari ha k jab b apni wife k pas jta hou to mj my takat nai rhti or my kch nai kr pata iska kya masla ho skta ha aya koi jadu ha ya koi or waja ha.

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