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Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to devastate your enemy

Assalam oalaikum

There are many such people who inflict a huge loss on others for their own gain. Sometimes such greedy people make the poor people suffer a lot to fill their own coffers. Their lust for wealth, bloated ego and arrogance makes them totally insensitive and they can go to any lengths to achieve their target. Such people are usually irreligious because God-fearing people can never harm anyone. When such insensitive people become someone’s enemy they try to harm their target at every level. They may try to kill their opponent or else destroy him financially. In such a condition the innocent victim should remain patient and he should try to take help of Quran to deal with their enemy. Such people are a dime a dozen in the society who show the same traits as Firon. This amal is meant to destroy such cruel and arrogant people.
Recite Surah Fil 200 or 300 times after every namaz and focus on your enemy during the amal. Imagine that your enemy is being destroyed. After completing the amal pray to Allah to destroy your enemy. (Mention your enemy’s and his or her mother’s name).
Read durud shareef 11 times, before and after the recitation.
The time taken to destroy your enemy depends on how strong your enemy is. For example, if a mason has to demolish a house having an area of 600 square feet then he may require much less time then if he has to demolish a bungalow. I hope I have made my point clear. If a millionaire has to be made bankrupt then this task will be more long-drawn then making a small-time business man go bankrupt. Remember that you are not allowed to do this amal in a perverse way. If the amal is done in an unjust way then I am warning you before hand, that the person doing the amal may himself or herself get into serious trouble, be it rajat/ insanity, illness etc. Before you decide to do this amal please go through my other posts:

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Anonymous said...

Assalasm walykum .

How do we know who is done black magic on us?

JazbaLord said...

sir: do we read it after every namaz and with bismillah?

JazbaLord said...

do we say bismillah everytime?

Anonymous said...

agr dushman ki maa ka name maloom na ho to kia karain

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