Saturday, March 3, 2012

The spell for destroying one’s enemy

Assalam oalaikum,
All of us know that trying to destroy another human being is against humanity, moral values and principles. Then what could possibly drive or compel a person to resort to such measures?
Sometimes people face such dangerous situations that they have to take the step of destroying their enemy in order to protect their own life or dignity. If a person tries to sue their enemies then there are very fewer chances of their getting justice, due to rampant corruption. Even if they manage to get justice it will be after a long haul in court trials. Court proceedings also involve a lot of humiliation and suffering and secondly not every body can afford to hire a lawyer and file a case against their enemies.
Through this blog of mine I intend to help those people who have been oppressed and humiliated for long and who are helpless. This blog is meant for those people who have been at the receiving end of torture and torment. I had got moved when I saw the news of the Geo channel of Pakistani in which two young men, apparently innocent, were beaten black and blue. The onlookers were merely standing passively and none of them dared to rescue those two men.
Then there were other times when the Pakistani T.V channels aired programs in which innocent people were pleading for mercy and justice. After watching all these atrocities being perpetuated on innocent people I decided to help them by making this blog. Cruelty and violence has become very common these days. Even if someone dares to raise his voice against it then the perpetrators of crime silence destroy that person, as well.
In this blog of mine I shall show such innocent victims a powerful way of taking revenge, within the purview of Islam, with the help of Quran and the moakkilat. I shall be literally handing over a sort of a spiritual weapon which may be used against the cruel person by the victim himself. I shall be teaching the amal-e-shar or the amal for destroying your enemy at any level-be it wealth, health, success etc or even taking his life, but within the purview of Islam.
There are many instances in which Prophet Mohammad (SAW) showed forgiveness towards those who had hurt him. There is the incidence of the old lady who used to hurl trash towards Prophet Mohammad (SAW) on seeing him pass by. One day she did not do so. Our dear Prophet Mohammad (SAW) enquired about her and he came to know that she was unwell. He went to her house to comfort her. The old lady was so moved that she accepted Islam.
In order to prevent Prophet Mohammad (SAW) from preaching Islam, the people of Taif sent a group of children and vagabonds behind him who pestered him and flung stones at him. Allah sent down on earth the angels of the mountains to help Prophet Mohammad (SAW). The angels said that if you wish I shall bring the two mountains that stand opposite to each other, at the extremities of Makkah, towards each other. This will crush the people of Taif in-between. But Prophet Mohammad (SAW) refused saying that he hoped that Allah will raise from amongst their descendants people who will worship only Allah. These examples show that Mohammad (SAW) has a forgiving nature. So even we can forgive our enemies if we want. However, if a victim of abuse and cruelty wishes to take revenge then the Islamic law says that the revenge should be equivalent and not of a higher degree, i.e. a life for a life an eye for an eye and so on. For example if a cruel person slaps an innocent person once then the latter is entitled to slap the former only once and not ten times in a rage.
Keep Me In Your Prayers
Amel Soname


Melvin Wells said...

I don't even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post "spell-for-destroying-ones-enemy" is good. I don't know who you are, but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Thank you very much to sharing your thoughts...! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Where is the spell?

Anonymous said...

I am suffering unjustly. Would u be able to help me? Please email me on

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,
May Allah be pleased with you.
I would be grateful if you could show me the correct way to use suratul Lahab.
I need a simple ayat to destroy my enemies. Please kindly help me. Am overwhelmed

Anonymous said...

Assalam Alaikum,
Please share simple amaliyat which recited one time.Busy people who involve in any type of job how can they do five times.
So I request you to share simple easy and effective amliyat to take revenge from enemy.
Mahbub Alam

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum,

I read your revenge spell to disfigure the face of an enemy by reciting surah yasin 10 times after every salat.
I have a question. How many days do you have to recite surah yasin 10 times after every salat for this amal to work?
And once it does work must you continue to recite surah yasin 10 times after every salat to keep the enemy disfigured?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Assalam Alaikum.
God bless you.You share such type of amliat which is very valuable these days.Innocent people helpless people use it.
I request you to share
Small easy and most effetive amliat which recite one time.
Most of the people cannot use your amliat because after every salah it is not possible to recite 300 times any surah.
I hope if you really want to help those guys share small one time recited amliat
Mahboob Alam

Anonymous said...

Assalamoalikum sir,

I saw your page on net about revenge spell but I could not find solution for my problem.

my life is in big trouble ,can u help me for the sake of ALLAH.

I want to talk to u can u give me no.

I m sending u this wid hope.i m waiting for your reply

amrik said...

Dear Sir- Salam to you,

Required your help to punish who is trying to ruin my job and create lots of mental stress to me. Kindly help that this man leave his job and go away from our company. i am working in Oman if any puja i can do or you will do. Please let me know or what ever your fee for puja may required.
Thanks and regards.

Anonymous said...

Iam in trouble, my enemy want to ruin my reputation ,she say when she will see , she will beat me me in front of people ,Iam in fear all times , cannot success in my life .IAM WANT HER DEAD . she is not a muslim ,against islam

Wajiya said...

i read ur blog while searching for a revenge spell. I want to take revenge from my husband's first wife.. she destroyed my home n blamed my character. pls tell me the Amal n give permission. I will cross the limit of the level of revenge.

Anonymous said...

I want to take revenge on my neighbor ,she killed my dogs ,harassed my husband and talk bad about me and my family. I want to humiliate her ,make her suffers and fight amongst themselves.

Anonymous said...


I want to take revenge on a lady .She is a step a mother of my beloved.Only because of her our marriage is in a critical situation. This lady also does spell on others.So I want to keep her silent and stop so that she can not move and do not harm any one any more.
Please help me according to Quran

Anonymous said...

Assalam o aleikum
My parents are continuously being tortured by their son n daughter in law they have filed 498A n suit of motion in the court n now my parents are on anticipatery bail and out of their own house and dose not have enough money for the case so please advice me wazifa or amal to be free from their enemy

Anonymous said...

so mote it be

Anonymous said...

I want to destroy my wife boyfriend. I want to teach him a lesson that how it feels when a family is broke. Kindly suggest.

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