Saturday, March 3, 2012

The amal for making the enemy suffer from nasal problems

Assalam oalaikum
There are specific amals that can make the enemy suffer from nasal problems. For example their nose bridge may become crooked and the face gets disfigured, or they may suffer from sinus and keep sneezing continuously for hours together or else the nose can get choked because of which they may have difficulty in breathing and may start breathing through the mouth. All these problems are quite painful and they can make the enemy a laughingstock amongst people.
The amal is as follows:
Recite Surah Al-Isra one time each after fajar and zohar namaz while focusing on your enemy. Read Durud Shareef 11 times before and after the recitation. The pray to Allah (swt) according to the pain you want to inflict upon the enemy. For example: “Oh Allah! Please make my so and so enemy (mention his and his mother’s name) suffer from a crooked nose bridge because of the humiliation that he has caused me” If you want the enemy to suffer from a choked nose or sinus then you can pray accordingly. You should continue doing this amal till the time you want to make your enemy suffer from the above mentioned problems.
Warning: Do not do this amal in an unjustified way otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences. The powerful, noori moakkilaat get activated when the amal is done and they do not tolerate any nonsense such as a person trying to harm another without any reason, whatsoever. Hence, I am warning you before hand, that if the amal is done to harm someone innocent in an unjust way then that the person doing the amal may himself or herself get into serious trouble, be it rajat/ insanity, illness etc. So before you decide to do this amal please go through my other posts, carefully:
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