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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The amal for turning the enemy blind

Assalam oalaikum
Sometimes it so happens that the enemy can get some info about your weak points or he gets to see something that can prove to be dangerous for you. The enemy can reveal about it to others or else he may give some false testimony in the court. In such a case a victim can do istekhara and if he gets the permission then he should do the amal that I am about to tell.
Although there are different types of ways in which the eyes can be affected such as making their muscles weak or making them pain, but the one that I am going to tell can turn the enemy blind.
The amal is as follows:
Recite Surah Baqarah verse no 18, 300 times after each namaz while focusing on your enemy. Read Durud Shareef 11 times before and after the recitation. The pray to Allah (swt) according to the pain you want to inflict upon the enemy’s eyes. For example: “Oh Allah! Please make my so and so enemy’s (mention his and his mother’s name) eyes weak so that he is unable to see things clearly because of the pain that he has inflicted on me” If you want the enemy to suffer from a temporary or permanent blindness then you can add this in your pray that Oh Allah! Please make my enemy suffer from blindness”
You should continue doing this amal till the time you want the enemy to suffer. For example if you want your enemy to suffer from eye problems till a month then perform this amal till a one month period. If after this time you feel that you have taken revenge on your enemy then you can discontinue the amal. The enemy will recover slowly from the problem
Warning: Do not do this amal in an unjustified way. If the amal is done in an unjust way then I am warning you before hand, that the person doing the amal may himself or herself get into serious trouble, be it rajat/ insanity, illness etc. Before you decide to do this amal please go through my other posts:

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