Saturday, March 3, 2012

The amal for making the enemy suffer from throat and voice problems

Assalam oalaikum
It is possible to make the voice of your enemy hoarse by doing an amal. The amal is so powerful that it can make the enemy suffer from severe throat problems. It may become difficult for them to talk or even swallow food, normally.
The amal is as follows:
Recite Surah Kausar 300 times after each namaz while focusing on your enemy. Read Durud Shareef 11 times before and after the recitation. Then pray to Allah (swt) according to the pain you want to inflict upon the enemy. For example: “Oh Allah! Please make my so and so enemy (mention his and his mother’s name) suffer from a pain in the throat because of the humiliation that he has caused me” If you want the enemy to suffer from other swallowing problems, whooping cough (pertussis), hoarseness in voice or tonsillitis then you can pray accordingly. You should continue doing this amal till the time you want to make your enemy suffer from the above mentioned problems.
Warning: Do not do this amal in an unjustified way. If the amal is done in an unjust way then I am warning you before hand, that the person doing the amal may himself or herself get into serious trouble, be it rajat/ insanity, illness etc. Before you decide to do this amal please go through my other posts:
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Anonymous said...

If we dont know the name of mother then how can we take revenge ???

Anonymous said...


There is a a person who is trying to sabotage our relationship and peace in the family , There is my sick mother and my sister in law is very unkind to her and the people associated with my mum or my family , she don't let her kids come to my mum , she is arrogant, jelouse and misbehave .

I tried everything but do sent seems to be working . Is there any amal to ruin her or her pride which she takes in her kids or her self , is there any islamic way to destroy the enemy through Wazifa

nazira said...

Salaam, I was in a relationship with this man Imraan Bhamjee for 2years. He lied to me and 3 weeks ago he brought back his ex Moroccan wife. He didn't
Even tell me. I want him to suffer the same heart breaking devastation he has put me through. I wish this woman leaves him and goes back as he has left me. I wish he faces the same loneliness he has put me through.
Please help me

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