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Saturday, March 3, 2012

How to make your enemy suffer from a headache

Assalam oalaikum
Let me tell all of you about an easy amal that can have a quick effect on your enemy. This amal causes a severe headache but it does not damage the brain. If it damages the brain then it will lead to a surgery and an expensive and long treatment. This may cause more loss to your enemy than what he has caused to you. In other words, you may end up becoming a sinner yourself. Therefore the intensity of the headache is only to the extent that no damage is caused to the functioning of the brain. It can only cause discomfort.
The amal is as follows: Recite Surah Kafiroon 300 times after each namaz. Then pray to Allah (swt) that please make so and so (mention your enemy’s name) son of so and so (mention his or her mother’s name) suffer from a headache. If your enemy is a woman namely Saima and her mother’s name is Jamila then you will take her name as Saima- binte- Jamila. If your enemy is a male then after his name you will have to say bin instead of binte. You can also mention in your prayer that Oh Allah! Please give Saima binte jameela a headache but do not damage any part of her body.
If you want the amal to work 100% so focus on your enemy while doing this amal. Fir this you can either place a photograph of your enemy in front of you during the amal or else imagine her and then do the amal. Moreover, if you want the person to have a severe headache then you can double the number of times you recite Surah Kafiroon. However, 300 times is also enough, especially if you offer namaz five times daily then the enemy will be attacked 5 times a day. The enemy will have a headache throughout the day. If the amal is done till a year or so then the enemy will also suffer from a headache till a year.
Remember that you are not supposed to do this amal in an unreasonable way. You can do it only to take revenge on your enemy and not on anyone out of jealousy or envy. If the amal is done in an unjust way then I am warning you before hand, that the person doing the amal may himself or herself get into serious trouble, be it rajat/ insanity, illness etc. Before you decide to do this amal please go through my other posts:

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