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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The preconditions for casting revenge spells

Assalam oalaikum
The first rule of taking revenge in the Islamic way is to remember that you can inflict only that much harm that has been caused to you. I am going to disclose about all the revenge spells further in this blog. This does no mean that if a wicked enemy of yours has robbed you of one lakh rupees so you can go ahead and cast a spell for killing him or making him blind. By doing this you will be breaking the laws of shariah and then you will become a sinner in the eyes of Allah (swt).
Secondly if a person has killed someone so the victim’s family can cast a spell to kill the murderer but not his family members. Killing the murderer’s kith and kin would not be lawful because they were not involved in the murder. So be careful and choose the revenge spell according to the type of loss incurred. There are a whole lot of powerful revenge spells that work in a guaranteed way. However, choose a spell for yourself, righteously. The victim should not become hyper and try to do something more dreadful to the wicked person then what has been done to him.
In case there is any confusion in choosing the right spell then select any one from this blog and do Istekhara and pray before Allah (swt) that, “Oh Allah! I wish to take revenge on my enemy in so and so way but at the same time I do not want to become a sinner. So please guide me in this matter.” If you are granted permission by Allah (swt) then you can cast that spell without any tension. The victim who wishes to cast a revenge spell has to offer namaz with jamaat, punctually. He should avoid telling lies and using foul language. Thirdly, the enemy on whom the revenge is to be taken should be focused on. You can keep a picture of his in front for concentration, while casting the spell. These are the three requisites that help in making the spell 100% successful. There is no need for the victim to do tark-e-jamali or jalali in this case.

Amel soname contact

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